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Whether you're a weekend golfer, avid golfer or scratch golfer, we have the ability to make your game better. All players can benefit from properly fitted clubs. Here at Chauvin Golf, we take great pride in our process to give you the results you are looking for.

As a bonus, we've teamed up with
Robert Merrill of Athletic Motion Golf, to offer the best golf instruction around. Robert's understanding of the golf swing is second to none and he can get you playing better than ever.

Appointment only:

Kyle Chauvin
Master Clubfitter and Builder
2017 Golf Digest Best Fitters

Robert Merrill
Golf Professional / Lessons

location: 117 Abigayles Row
Scott, Louisiana 70583

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Featured Equipment 2017

We are proud to announce that we are now a certified PING Retail Center. The partnership allows us to offer the best OEM clubs available that fit into our custom fitting model.

PING has done a fantastic job with their 2017 lineup. The i200 irons, Sigma G putters and Glide 2.0 wedges are a clubmaker's dream come true.

June Update: PING has announced the addition of the G400 line of woods, hybrids and irons. The new engineering changes have helped increase ball speeds, carry and distance, while tightening shot dispersion. Get ready!
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Miura Golf 2017

Miura has announced the addition of the Miura-Giken Japanese line of golf clubs. Their newest heads are set to impress!
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The Miura company has exciting plans for this upcoming year, starting with a totally redesigned website and product line. We'll post updates as the year goes on, but don't hesitate to try these amazing clubs.
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