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Featured Equipment 2016:
Miura Passing Point - Neo UT
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The shape of the PP-Neo UT head is designed in such a way that the moment you step in to your shot, you will feel confident that the ball will "soar". The matte black coating on the crown makes the head appear smaller and more compact than its actual size. This, along with the silver finish of the face, gives a pleasing contrast that promises easy alignment of the clubface and a strong penetrating trajectory.

There is a passing point...when you pass from acquaintance to friend, from novice to serious student -- from casual golfer to committed competitor. “The Passing Point brand pursues
usability and performance as the core fundamental tools,” Shinei says. “We believe the strong usability and performance can make it easier to plan each shot and help each golfer use his skills to the fullest,” Yoshitaka adds.
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Miura CB-1957 Irons
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The CB57 head features a medium-sized cavity and a carefully sized weight bar to provide the benefits of perimeter weighting and solidity behind the hitting are. Still, the cavity is not so big as to interfere with the forged look and feel, especially from the address position. The weight bar keeps the center of gravity low, and changes size club-to-club as needed to position the center of gravity not just down, but exactly where it needs to be.

The clean, narrow top line is Miura all the way. The
sole of the club incorporates the decades of lessons Miura has learned from watching and talking to golfers, resulting in efficient, powerful turf interaction and the best chance of a square face at impact.
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ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts
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ACCRA Golf prides itself on creating the best possible innovative products with the primary concentration on custom club fitting. No shaft company is more dedicated to the Professional Club Fitter.
Innovation and research represent the distinguishing traits of
ACCRA: a company that has embraced the challenge of new technologies with the primary aim of creating value. We attribute significant priority to the improvement of performance combined with the partnership with the world’s most talented professional club fitters.
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Miura MB-001 Blades
The MB001 design is the result of years of study and careful consideration of iron performance by the Miura family. Yoshitaka Miura, elder son of founder Katsuhiro Miura and a club-grinding expert who learned under his father, led the project. He had the advice of his brother Shinei, who supervises forging operations at the company's factory and forge in Himeji, Japan, and of course his father.
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Miura SIT3 and SIT5 Fairway Woods
The SIT fairway woods incorporate the key design features of the popular SIT460 Driver: maximum size with a minimalist look. Through patient design and careful shaping, the Miuras were able to make woods that look compact and pleasing to the eye, but still pack as much explosive mass as possible behind the ball. These clubs are a pleasure to hit and will enhance any bag’s strategic long-game arsenal.
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Chauvin Golf is no longer a dealer for KZG, not like any of you were looking for those anyway.