Wishon 950 HC Fairway
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950HC Fairway woods
Traditional Shape and Face Height, High COR Design… For Distance with Penetrating Shot Trajectory. 
  • Please scroll down to read comments about the 950HC.
  • The new 950HC is the second generation version of the 949MC with a traditional shape and size with 34mm face height and bendable hosel to offer custom lie and face angle fitting options to fit all golfers.
  • New semi-cup face construction to ensure maximum COR and offer a better level of off-center forgiveness in a fairway wood design.
  • Twin weight bores for a wide range in length, shaft weight, swingweight fitting options.
  • Available in RH in #3 (14.5), #4 (16.5*), #5 (18*), #7 (21*) and 9 wood (24.5*) to expand the fitting options for players. Gloss metallic black with satin chrome face, sole and hosel