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The Concept Series takes this to a new level with a greater concentration of composite versus resin content than ever before and more super high modulus graphite than ever before. This is incorporated with a weave section that runs the entire length of the shaft for the ultimate in stability.
Whether a golfer is a Tour caliber player or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA
Concept Series can be custom fit to your specific swing characteristics by a professional club fitter to maximize their launch conditions.
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The original Tour Z shafts revolutionized the shaft industry with it’s low launch/low spin “Tour” characteristics combined with ACCRA’s renowned “feel”. The ACCRA Tour Zx400 (Xtreme) series of shafts utilizes all of the technology of its predecessor while incorporating innovative manufacturing techniques and tangible material changes to enhance performance.
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The ACCRA Fx series of shafts will appeal to all levels of golfers from discerning golfers looking for a shaft to aid in launch and forgiveness to Touring professionals requiring stability and feel.
Each model of the Fx Series was independently engineered using ACCRA’s exclusive
DyMatch technology offering golfers the ability to perfectly match their woods and hybrids dynamically.
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At the butt, ACCRA has added a carbon weave material, which not only adds strength to the butt section of the shaft but also moves the CG (center of gravity) slightly more towards the butt section of the shaft. From a swing weight perspective, this counter balancing effectively makes the iSeries wood shaft an optimal choice for the new heavier driver heads. It also promotes an easier release and a draw bias, perfect for the great majority of golfers.
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The ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer. The tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points to create “flighted” sets. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.
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ACCRA introduces the first premium shaft for discerning Junior golfers. The ACCRA Fx SRT line of wood shafts incorporates Fx technology into 3 distinct flexes to be professionally fit by a certified ACCRA fitter. The iSeries SRT iron shaft offers juniors a premium lightweight option for irons also incorporating a .580 butt diameter.
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Introducing the ACCRA FX Putter.. An entirely new category for fitting a golfer’s set of clubs. ACCRA offers golfers and professional clubfitters an option to test 4 unique putter shafts. All four shafts share the same frequency, yet each offers a different tip flex to match up roll performance with feel.